Window Tint

Window Tint

We use only the highest quality materials to ensure that your tint job lasts. Our windows are made from either ceramic tint, so you can enjoy your favorite music throughout the day and not worry about signal interference with your devices.

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Automotive Window Tinting

vehicle glass tinting

Surviving the Las Vegas heat, especially in the summer, is a true feat and not for the faint of heart. However, we all need a bit of relief and installing window tint is one way to make life more enjoyable. We use a wet mount self-adhesive that installs to the inside of the window. With 99.9 percent UV protection, window tints will keep the interior of your vehicle from fading and deteriorating.

With many shades to choose from, window tinting is not only a way to stay cool and protect your car’s interior. It’s also a great visual upgrade. Up to 60 percent total heat rejection and 97 percent IR heat rejection are available. Technology is the leading factor in window tint performance. The film, computer cutting, and installation tools we use to make the difference.

What Are The Main Features Of Ceramic Window Tints?

Long life, and high heat rejection is the reason everyone is moving to Ceramics. Heat rejection is a lot more linear than metallic and carbon based films. This means that clear ceramic films can keep out more heat than most Limo shades of carbon film. So that means when you get down to the darker shades of ceramic, you are really keeping out some heat.

And just like the best qualities of Carbon, they do not interfere with most electronic signals, and are color stable for the long haul. 

What Are The Main Features Of Carbon Window Tints?

Long life, good heat rejection, clarity,  and no electronic interference is what has made Carbon the standard for the last decade or so. Now that most cars are full of electronics, you can just throw a bunch of metallic film around and think that the interference isn’t going to be an issue. 

Carbon is a premium film, and the lowest grade that we install on any customer's vehicle. 20+ years has taught us that relationships are the only thing that matters, and any film below the Carbon level is something that Las Vegas does not allow. So make sure your tint last the test of time.

Benefits of SunTek CeramicIR (CIR) Window Tint

Benefits of Suntek Ceramicir

Special window tints offer a number of benefits to your vehicle.

However, the type of window tint you use has a big impact on whether or not you get the benefits that people hope for when they apply window tints to their vehicles.

Team Acme, an auto glass repair and replacement shop in Henderson, Nevada, only uses SunTek tints when we do our work. Using SunTek is one of our standards of excellence that we employ in our installation process.

Suntek Window Films

One of the SunTek premier window tints is the CeramicIR (CIR), which offers all of the same properties of Carbon films.

However, the CIR also includes:

  • Increased heat rejection
  • Enhanced solar performance

…and other elements like special nano-technological design that make it a top-quality wrap.

NEW: Suntek Evolve

SunTek's next evolution in IR-blocking tint lets you stay ahead of the sun's harsh effects like stifling heat and distracting glare. Featuring proprietary HeatResist™ ceramic technology, new scratch coat technology that is unmatched.  Evolve automotive window film targets and helps block one of the main sources of uncomfortable interiors—infrared rays. With amped up heat rejection, this top tint series delivers comfort at every turn, every time you hit the road.

Window Tint Removal

The hot Las Vegas sun can be unkind to anything made out of plastic, and your tint is no exception. After years of sun exposure, the layers of plastic that compose tint film start to break down and distort. Once this begins, it is time to remove and replace the tint. By this time, the adhesive used will be crystallized and hardened, which makes removal difficult. While the majority of tint film is removable, there are many different films used and the time and effort it takes to remove each will vary. Some require removal of panels etc. in order to get them all cleaned up and ready for a new coat or not. 

We charge by the hour for removals. We have found that some tint glues come off easy, and some not so much. So in all fairness it has just become standard to charge by time, so that our customers only get charged for the time that it takes to get their vehicle back to factory glass.

We Offer Even More Window Solutions!

Window Tint Pricing

FRONT DOORS + 2 WINDOWS $80.00 $150.00
FRONT DOORS + 4 WINDOWS $120.00 $180.00
3 WINDOW PICKUP $140.00 $225.00
$200.00 $325.00
$220.00 $400.00
$260.00 $440.00
SUV 9 WINDOW $310.00 $520.00
$40.00 N/A
WINDSHIELD TINT $150.00 $250.00
TESLA MODEL 3 $450.00 $650.00
TESLA NORMAL SUNROOF $100.00 $250.00
TESLA LARGE SUNROOF $250.00 $500.00

Nevada Tint Laws

Not all auto glass tints are the same. In fact, the amount of light that is blocked or let in by a window tint can vary from almost total light saturation to practically none at all. While the amount of light entering the window is the driver’s choice, Nevada has regulations that set limits for how much light can be blocked while keeping the vehicle street-legal. 

Window Tint Limits

Standard Nevada law requires that vehicles with window tinting still allow at least 35% of light into their vehicle through the front windows, which includes both sunlight and evening light generated by street lights or another vehicle’s headlights. The back windows of a vehicle may be tinted as dark as the driver desires. If the back windows of a vehicle are tinted, then dual side mirrors are required on the vehicle.

Windshield tinting is acceptable if the installation is a non-reflective tint that remains only at the top of the windshield above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. While these are the laws for nearly every driver and vehicle in Nevada, there are certain exceptions when it comes to window tinting.

One exception is a driver with a skin or medical condition that makes them especially sensitive to sunlight. In this instance, it may be permissible for them to have window tinting that reduces the amount of light let in to 5%. Of course, you will have to prove this medical condition and have it approved in order to have this allowance.

A second exception is that people who suffer from diseases such as skin cancer may have window tinting that reduces the sun’s UV radiation by up to 99%.

We Know the Law and Care About Your Needs

We always follow Nevada tint laws and have worked to meet special needs as well, so we are well prepared to accommodate your medical condition and ensure that your tint is legal. We promise to keep not only your safety but also your health in mind when tinting your windows and will work with you to ensure the best results no matter what your condition.

What Our Clients Say

We take pride in knowing that all of our customers are happy with our services.

GregManningMusic - July 20, 2022 via Google
GregManningMusic - July 20, 2022 via Google
Las Vegas, NV

“Cody and his team did a great job with my car window tinting. The car looks better than before. Quality service and competitive price.”

Brent (HebrewNational)
Brent (HebrewNational)
Aug 18, 2022 on Google

“Wonderful glass, tinted, and custom wrap shop. The work and professional atmosphere is top notch. Excellent customer service, fair pricing, and the staff work extremely hard to get you in and out quickly.”

Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose
Jul 7, 2022 on Google

“This is my third time using Team Acme for window tinting. I have has Cody do the install on three vehicles and they have all been flawless. Fast turnaround, good communication and tint looks great, and keeps the vehicles a lot cooler. Definitely recommend them for your next tinting needs. NW”

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