Paint Protection

Paint Protection

We're passionate about protecting your vehicle from the elements. That's why we use the best paint protection film on the market, which is crystal clear with no visible orange peel. Reduce damage to your headlight lenses, paint, and much more with one installation.

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Automotive Paint Protection Film

Paint protection film (PPF) is a clear, rubber-like film that is applied to the exterior of your vehicle to prevent road debris from damaging your paint and headlight lenses.

With over 20 years of experience using all kinds of paint protection film, we have settled on SunTek PPF for its performance qualities, visual appearance, and longevity. For us, it was a really clear choice. It’s crystal clear with no visible orange peel – it’s the most invisible film we’ve encountered yet. With widths up to 60”, almost any car hood can be wrapped in one huge piece.

Besides the best auto paint protection film on the market, we also have the largest, most up to date computer cut templates available, which means we can pre-cut all of the films and not go near your vehicle with a single blade, unlike competing shops that cut the film directly on the vehicle. Ultimately, it allows us to reduce the risk of installation damage.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

When a vehicle is brand new, paint protection film provides the perfect opportunity to keep it looking new forever. It prevents damage from rock chips, scratches, sandblasting, hazing, air pollution, oxidation, and acid rain. If you plan on keeping the vehicle looking new and protecting one of your most important investments, a PPF installation should be your vehicle’s first modification.

Nobody wants to buy a vehicle that has been repainted and with PPF you’ll never have to touch up your paint job because of damage from road debris and exposure. Almost invisible, SunTek PPF is completely safe for OEM paint and is easily removed if you ever choose to do so. It works on all painted surfaces, including boats, RVs, recreational vehicles, and a whole lot more!

We Offer Packages to Fit All Budgets & PPF Needs

Partial Nose Paint Protection

• 1/4 hood

• 1/4 font fenders

• Front bumper

• 10 year warranty factory warranty

Starting at $1250

Full Nose Paint Protection

• Hood

• Front fenders

• Front bumper

• Mirrors

• 10 year warranty factory warranty

Starting at $2200

Full Car Paint Protection

• Small Car (Miata, Z4, Smart Car) $5000

• Standard Car (Model 3/4. 911. BMW M3) $6000

• Mid Size and Up (BMW X5, Model X, E63) $7000

• Fully custom installations available, please call to discuss your options.

• 10 year warranty factory warranty

Suntek PPF Comparison Chart

REACTION High Gloss Self-Healing OEM-trusted Tetrashield 2-in-1 Advantage PPF + Ceramic Coating Benefits 12-Year Limited Warranty
ULTRA High Gloss or Matte Self-Healing HydroResist Excellent Stain & Scratch Resistance 10-Year Limited Warranty
ULTRA DEFENSE High Gloss or Matte Self-Healing HydroResist Excellent Stain & Scratch Resistance & Higher Impact Resistance 10-Year Limited Warranty
ALTERED BLACK High Gloss Black Self-Healing HydroResist Excellent Stain & Scratch Resistance 10-Year Limited Warranty
C High Gloss Self-Healing Good Stain & Scratch Resistance 5-Year Limited Warranty
M Matte Self-Healing Good Stain & Scratch Resistance 5-Year Limited Warranty

What Is Our Process?

  • The vehicle must be delivered for installation as clean as possible.
  • We will inspect the vehicle for defects in paint and damage that might cause visual imperfections, film, or paint failure.
  • Estimate time and cost of PPF installation. Usually, a full day for installation and manicuring the film will be required.
  • Computer cut the required patterns to be installed.
  • Final clean of the vehicle.
  • Install PPF using required soap and water mixture. Tack accelerator used is water and alcohol based.
  • After installation, we manicure all edges of the film. Park vehicle in sun to speed cure times while rechecking PPF and manicuring where needed.
  • Final inspection upon delivery to the customer.
  • For the next few days pay attention to the PPF, as any failure that happens will happen in the first few days of the curing process. If any problems arise bring back to our shop directly to get it fixed.

Do We Offer a Warranty?

Our one-year warranty covers edge or film failure due to defects or installation error. It does not include scratches from daily use or damage inflicted directly to the surface of the film. Once our one year expires, the manufacturer’s warrant comes into effect. See the SunTek Manufacturer’s warranty for details. Warranties are non-transferrable if the vehicle is sold.

What Our Clients Say

We take pride in knowing that all of our customers are happy with our services.

Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy
Nov 14, 2022 - via Google

“Excellent service all the car was done real quick, and most of all very neat”

Terrell Smoke
Terrell Smoke
Jan 19, 2022 - via Google

“Once again Mr. Doyle & associates provided the highest quality service possible. I appreciate you guys. Thank you. Keep up the good work.”

Lily Woods
Lily Woods
Dec 12, 2021 - via Google

“Staff is friendly & great on time service!”

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