Tips on How to Protect Your Auto Glass

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Why defining interior color schemes is so important

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Tips on How to Protect Your Auto Glass

Keeping yourself and your belongings safe can be simplified with the simple task of strengthening your auto glass. Protecting your vehicle’s window glass will help keep thieves away and deter the repercussions of extreme weather conditions, especially during the winter.

A vast amount of vehicle burglaries that take place in the United States result in broken vehicle glass—whether it involves stealing the vehicle itself or taking the items inside of it. Securing your vehicle glass will help protect you from several threats. The following are some ways you can take matters into your own hands.

Park In A Safe Area

In addition to the above-mentioned incentives for protecting your auto glass, you should consider how much money you’ll be saving, too, by not having to pay for a repair. Remember to park away from trees or unstable roadside objects on the occasion of severe weather. A windy thunderstorm, for example, can either cause a loose tree branch or trunk to break your window(s).

You should also avoid parking in an unsafe neighborhood. If you know that a certain area is prone to a high rate of auto theft or burglaries, it would be wise to choose another location to park in. Your auto glass will be safe from the work of a baseball bat taking a swing outside of a batting cage.

Cover Your Car

The ever-so useful garage doesn’t just help you get inside a store at the mall without getting snowed or rained on, it’ll also shield your auto glass from any damaging outdoor elements. Make sure to park inside a garage whenever you can, namely on your own at home.

If you don’t have an indoor garage, then simply cover your car with a high-quality cover or a cushioned blanket. There are actually new technologically advanced hail-resistant car covers that’ll help your auto glass withstand a strong hailstorm. Covering your entire car will also protect the rest of your vehicle from possible destruction. You can even use cardboard to cover your windshield while it’s snowing.

Install Window Tints

Getting tints installed on your vehicle windows is one of the easiest ways possible to protect your auto glass. For one, if a thieve tries to look inside your car to check if there’s anything valuable to take, they won’t be able to see any belongings and would, therefore, most likely turn away rather than break your glass.

Moreover, window tints are great for adding a protective layer to your auto glass, ultimately making it stronger to endure any external pressures such as flying rocks or debris. It also helps stop auto glass from shattering in case of an accident.

Whether or not you do install window tints, keep in mind maintenance is key. Stay away from ammonia-based cleaners when cleaning tinted windows, and repair/replace your auto glass as soon as it gets damaged, to stop it from getting worse.

Keep Your Windows Clean

While you certainly do want to be careful with the way that you clean your windows, it’s equally as important to ensure that your windows don’t get crusted over with dirt. Every little bit of debris can start to slowly work its way into the glass and may even discolor it. Scrapes and scratches are common when dealing with particularly hard debris, so you don’t want to let anything sit there for too long. Treat your auto glass with all of the care that you’d give your paint job.

Avoid Dry Loose Roads

This one can be a challenge in some parts of Nevada, but it’s important to avoid unpaved roads that are made of dry-packed earth. When your wheels travel over this kind of material, they tend to kick it up and cause it to splatter everywhere. 

Over time, this can start to damage your window, especially if the material is moving fast enough. Dry earth often contains rocks as well as sharp pieces of sand that can start to rip away at your glass. If you do have to navigate these kinds of roads on a regular basis, then make sure to drive at a sensible speed.

Close The Doors Nice & Gently

Usually, people think of replacing the windshield when it comes to auto glass repairs, but your side windows are every bit as important. Slamming a door shut might make an impressive noise, but it can also incidentally do quite a bit of damage to your side window glass.

Over time, this can cause cracks to start to appear. Once they do, these windows would have to be repaired or replaced just like your windshield or any other part of your vehicle. Something as easy as closing the doors carefully is enough to help stop this.

Clean The Wiper Blades

A good rule of thumb is to clean off your wipers every time that you stop to fuel up. Chances are that you don’t use them to deal with rain on a regular basis if you’re a local, but you might still use your wipers to clear off dust or any other contaminants that make it harder for you to see.

 When this happens, some of that dirt sticks to the blades. Simply cleaning them off each time you get gas is usually enough to stop them from scratching your windshield the next time that you have to turn the wipers on for whatever reason.

Don’t Force Your Windows Open

Power windows have a tendency to get stuck, so it can be tempting to force them open. Take a deep breath and try cycling the window lock or turn your car’s engine back on. 

Don’t force or jimmy the side windows. Doing so can seriously damage them, especially if you use a lot of strength to do so. Vintage vehicle owners should be gentle with the cranks that operate their windows to avoid any further damage.

Let Team Acme Secure Your Windows

If you would like to check out the different types of window tints Team Acme has to offer, give us a call and we’ll be happy to go over the options with you. You may even want to get a window glass repair or replacement.

Team Acme’s team of skilled professionals can take care of your requests. Consider requesting an auto glass quote online if you’ve noticed that any damage has already occurred.