Windshield Replacement For Exotic And Sports Cars

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Why defining interior color schemes is so important

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When it comes to replacing the automotive glass on any high-end vehicle, you don’t want to trust your car to just anybody. This is way too sensitive of a situation to simply hire the first place you can find to do the work.

Taking Care Of Sports Cars

Overall, sports cars, in general, take more TLC than almost any other kind of vehicle. Some people have compared them to taking care of a needy individual, but the effort is worth it. Motorists who drive higher-end Chevrolet or more vintage Pontiac automobiles know what it takes to keep the glass on them looking good.

While domestic sports cars are gorgeous, it’s owners of super exotic vehicles that might be the most concerned.

Exotic Cars

Luxury sports roadsters like the Maserati Quattroporte or many models of Aston-Martin and Alfa Romeo have special rounded glass that you wouldn’t normally find on a regular production automobile. With Ferrari’s introduction of the F8 Spider, this kind of glass has become increasingly important and it’s likely that other brands will move to it. 

There are going to be some other changes in the industry as well. Lotus is moving away from the Evora, Exige, and Elise models. Collectors will probably gravitate toward the current ones.

The Importance Of Windshield On Sports Cars

Classic sports cars and late model roadsters alike need special treatment in this department because their windshields are so important. This glass is often all that protects the drive from debris in front of them and the higher performance engines mean that the risk of serious damage can be much greater.

Repair Or Replace?

Deciding whether to repair or replace a piece of glass is difficult, but it often comes down to the extent of the damage. Consider requesting a free quote online if you’re wondering what the best way to proceed might be.

Sports Cars’ Windshield Repair

While the windshield replacement for these cars essentially follows the same model as any other vehicle, we’ve honed the process down to further refine it in order to dramatically reduce the risk of any structural damage to your beloved vehicle.

Our Process

Our crews always use the best type of glass available for each of the vehicles that we service. In most cases, we use the same option that your car’s make would have taken in the first place. We never take shortcuts and ensure proper fitment as well as adherence to safety standards. All of the work is done in-shop if at all possible, though a mobile installation option is available if you can’t get the car to us for whatever reason.

Replace Exotic Or Sports Car Glass At Team Acme

You’ll want to trust experts like those at Team Acme. We have experience working with these kinds of fine automobiles.

More than likely, you’re dreading the idea of replacing a windshield on your fine automobile, but we’ve done everything to make this go as easy on you as possible. Contact us at Team Acme to learn more about how we can replace the glass on your sports car.