Front Windshield Replacement for Classic Cars In Henderson

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Why defining interior color schemes is so important

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Classic cars are treated like beloved children by many collectors and enthusiasts, so you might be surprised to learn that people have to replace the windshields on them. Eventually, all glass will wear out, but car club members often take extra care to keep the panes in excellent shape for as long as possible. There’s always the possibility that an accident could happen, though, which would need very cautious repair work to be done to ensure that the new glass has the aesthetics of an original windshield.

Occasionally, someone might locate a vintage car sitting in storage somewhere. These are often referred to as barn finds, and they’ll sometimes require quite a bit of work to restore them to a condition where they could be driven again.

Repairing Or Replacing The Windshield On A Vintage Car

Due to improvements in highway safety regulations, the type of glass used on automobiles has changed quite a bit since many of these classic vehicles first came on the road. That means some people might be concerned that their cars can’t mount modern windshields. They’re simply very different from what was initially used. 

However, Team Acme will work to cut modern glass to an optically pure level so that you can have the benefits of an appropriate windshield while still preserving the aesthetics and feel of a vintage car. Those who plan on displaying their rides at car shows may be especially concerned about this last facet, which is especially vital for those who want to earn specific preservation-related titles.

When we install a replacement windshield, we don’t take any shortcuts. Any piece that requires removal to replace it to the full AGRSS standard will receive that service. You won’t have any extra pieces of glass or other material mucking up your classic car. This process will translate into a high degree of adhesion as well as a proper fit.

In-shop replacement will be the preferred method for this kind of installation, especially considering the elements in the greater Las Vegas area. However, we do dispatch mobile installation vehicles out of Henderson in situations where that’s an issue. Enthusiasts are, of course, free to also transport classic cars by trailer over to our garage to reduce the amount of wear and tear on their vehicles. This might be necessary depending on the extent of the damage.

Browse Automotive Glass Replacement Services From Team Acme

Motorists have gotten in touch with Team Acme at one time or another. Drivers of classic cars will want to ensure that they’re only working with the most delicate parts when they’re rebuilding their beloved automobiles. Make sure to request a complimentary auto glass quote so you can be sure that you’re working with professionals who are every bit as excited about your vehicle as you are. 
Our team will treat your vehicle right no matter its age. Those with requirements may want to contact us online today. We’ll listen to any special requests you might have so you walk or drive away with a vehicle that looks right.