How to Prevent Water Spots Ruining Your Boat’s Paint Job

Easy steps to create a color palette

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What is a color palette?

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Why defining interior color schemes is so important

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How to Prevent Water Spots Ruining Your Boat’s Paint Job

If you are a boat owner, there’s no question that you love the water, the outdoors, and your boat! There is nothing better than spending your free time afloat. In addition to all of that great leisure time for you and your family, you also probably want to keep your boat looking its best. That’s why you want to learn how to prevent water spots from ruining your boat’s paint job.

Maintenance Of A Boat

It can take some time and effort to properly take care of your boat. If you have owned a boat for a significant period of time, you are already aware of how difficult upkeep can be. Water stains are one issue that can drive you absolutely nuts!

Water spots happen when the degree of waterproofing on the exterior of the boat being overcome by the amount of water. If you’re riding around in turbid water, then the risk of this happening is much greater. Your boat’s paint scheme is also at risk for discoloration, which is even more apparent if you have it decked out in bright livery.

Fortunately, you can protect your investment and keep your boat looking good for longer. The trick is simply investing in the right kind of protective film.

Paint Protective Film for your Boat

Boat Paint Job

The challenge of managing water stains on your boat is complicated because of all of the different materials that you need to protect. Some of the most vulnerable areas of your boat are the areas that you and your guests touch on their way in and out of the boat. Water stains can be prevented on the top rails, where people climb into or out of the boat or walk on the bow, or where the trailer might touch the gel coat and rub.

Paint protection film (PPF) is a thin, rubber-like film that can be stretched and molded to protect these high impact areas of your boat. Using PPF is one of the most practical decisions you can make for the life of your boat. While it is not perfect for your entire boat (this would simply cost too much), it is invisible.

The Benefits of Paint Protection Films to Boats

As a result, water spots can very easily be removed with simple buffing and waxing. As the season changes and you get ready to use your boat on a more regular basis, consider PPF installation as a way to protect and preserve your boat from the harsher elements of life on the water.

More than likely, you won’t be able to notice that anything is amiss with your boat once the protective covering has been installed. Some boaters might be concerned about it drastically changing the look of their vehicles.

This shouldn’t be a problem. Not only is the coating invisible, but it’s also transparent. you’ll be able to see any detailing on your boat that would be covered by it without any difficulty. Sunlight and even the lights of a showroom floor won’t look any different either.

While this might not necessarily be a concern for you, it certainly is for many people who work at maritime dealerships. If you’re in the process of refurbishing and launching boats, then this should be more than enough reason to pick this process. It’s certainly far more effective than leaving your vehicle untreated.

Identifying Water Spots In A Boat’s Small Areas

In many cases, the protective film can even make your boat easier to clean. Water spots are often symptoms of a bigger problem. You might start to notice spots that are abnormally dark or light on the paint alongside the hull of your boat, which can start to really look terrible. Once this coating is on, you shouldn’t have much difficulty cleaning off the debris and water that would have normally caused this kind of problem.

Keep in mind that PPF technology isn’t exclusively for boats. You could theoretically use it on another type of vehicle. Most commonly, RV owners will treat the sides and corners of their RVs with the same material so they won’t suffer from water spots or other discolorations. You might want also to do the same to anything else special in your inventory.

Some car collectors have been using a similar process for years, in part because they trust it to cut down on the amount of damage that ambient humidity can do to the paint scheme of a car when it’s kept in storage.

Team Acme is Ready to Install PPF on Your Boat, Vehicle or Other Recreational Vehicles

We understand this kind of job can add up quickly, so we are mindful of using PPF in the most strategic ways so that you get the benefit that you are looking for. Team Acme stands behind the products we use and the installation process. You will find that our crew is dependable and customer-focused, and ready and willing to brainstorm with you about the best way to complete your job.

If you have an unusually shaped or sized boat, then we’ll work with you to plan on how to tackle the issue. Water spots often seem to be a bigger problem on longer vessels simply because there’s more hull space to spoil. Our crews are able to cover over all of the problem areas and dramatically reduce the chances of this happening.

Team Acme has been installing paint protection film on cars, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles for more than a decade. We can take the necessary measurements, provide you with a quote and an estimate of how long this particular job will take. We can also help you determine the best parts of your boat, vehicle, or RV to cover so that you get the most out of your investment.