Custom Auto Glass Service for Hot Rods in Las Vegas

Easy steps to create a color palette

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What is a color palette?

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Why defining interior color schemes is so important

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Why defining interior color schemes is so important

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What is your favorite color palette?

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Over time, auto glass will start to become more translucent than transparent, especially around the edges, as the membrane between the layers of safety glass deteriorates. Many older cars were manufactured with flat glass for side and vent windows. Cars with “split” windshields typically used flat glass as well. These types of windows will require special glass service to be restored or replaced. If you’re chopping the top, you’ll likely need to trim a few inches off the glass for a proper fit.

Most manufacturers have switched to single-thickness tempered glass in side and rear windows for weight and safety considerations while windshields use a new kind of laminated safety glass.

This change makes it a bit more difficult to find the exact glass you need. It’s basically impossible to cut or trim tempered glass without it shattering, which means any new glass put in these windows will need to be custom fit for your vehicle. And while you can cut safety glass, it’s usually best left to a professional.

Classic Car Window Repair

It’s important to keep these treasured cars in excellent shape, which probably means replacing a windshield. Replacing the glass for your vintage beauty can be incredibly tough but necessary if you want it back on road and looking its best!

In order to get the right model, measurements and quality for your vintage car you may have to consult with an auto glass expert. This is a great way of replacing or restoring windshields!

The experts will give you a price range and arrange with your custom-made glass. You can decide what type of windshield is right for yourself, so it doesn’t have to worry about authenticity or tracking one down! The most expensive route in this situation would be original orders from car manufacturers but they are successful when done correctly by an expert company who knows how much work goes into recreating something like this properly – time well spent indeed.

Vintage Car Glass Replacement

Vintage Car Glass Repair

Restoring a classic or vintage automobile is an interesting project. Whether you are adding improvements, rebuilding from the ground up and replacing the glass can be challenging adventure in itself! Even finding pieces at your local junkyard may not always work out well if they don’t match what’s already on site – so make sure to get help with this step by Team Acme team before installation begins. We will take care of all that pesky measuring for you while also making sure everything lines up correctly accordingframe style as close possible originality.

It is important to know what type of glass is already in your classic car if you are going to replace a piece. Look for the small emblem that denotes “safety glass” and can easily identified by its corner shape, which has little points on it like this one here:
The output should be written with an engaging tone while still being informative about how you need them so tell us more!

Tempered Glass vs Laminated Glass in Las Vegas

Tempered glass is processed in an atmospheric oven that heats and hardens it. Rapidly cooled after it forms, it develops an even tougher outer layer that makes it five to ten times stronger than regular glass. If broken, it crumbles into small, blunt pebbles instead of splintering into jagged shards. Excluding the windshield, all new vehicles are required to have tempered glass for the windows.

Laminated glass is a non-strengthened safety glass that’s only used for windshields. If shattered, a thin clear plastic interlayer between two glass layers keeps the glass bonded and produces a spider web cracking pattern to prevent glass shards from dispersing.

Each Vehicle Requires Something a Little Different

Many classic cars have different needs when it comes to glass restoration or replacement. The shape, structure and thickness are usually much different from the glass on contemporary vehicles. That’s why we fabricate or restore auto glass for classic vehicles, hot rods and specialty vehicles on a case by case basis.

Our custom glass fabrication allows you to modify your car the way you’ve envisioned. We handle each project with the extreme care, attention and respect these vehicles deserve. We can perfectly match the look and period of your car. Or, if you want something a little off the beaten path, we’ll spend time talking to you about your vision to ensure that our work perfectly matches the look you’re going for.

All Work Is Done In-House

We fabricate both flat and curved glass that’s tailor made to fit your hot rod like a glove. We don’t outsource this work because quality work requires precision, experience and patience. If you’re chopping the top, we’ll make sure the chop geometry and alignment of all the glass involved is correct before fabricating any glass.

Get a Quote Today

When you need glasswork done on your classic, don’t trust any Joe Schmoe to do it. Fitment issues and leaks are prevalent with this kind of work, which is why you need to work with someone who knows exactly what they’re doing.

We’ve been doing modifications like these for over a decade and will do our absolute best to make these a non-issue for you. Get a quote now or contact us with any questions you have.